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SXSW Interactive 2016

No Encryption Backdoors, Please. Myths Debunked.

A debate has been going on in the United States as government officials push for backdoors into consumers' encrypted data. These officials believe that encryption technology hinders their law enforcement efforts.
Backdoors present a significant threat to privacy and security for all Internet users, and a barrier to technological innovation. Many arguments being made for backdoor encryption are misguided and blown out of proportion, and we simply cannot allow this access to our data.
The panel will examine arguments being made in support of encryption backdoors, and counter them to show encryption is an essential technology that should be implemented ubiquitously to protect online privacy.

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  1. Why are backdoors into encrypted data a bad idea?
  2. If we don't have backdoors, can law enforcement still do their job and get the data they need?
  3. How will backdoors threaten the tech community and Internet users in general?



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