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SXSW Interactive 2016

E-tailing Smarter with Analytics at Groupon

As an e-commerce company, our goal at Groupon is to showcase the highest-quality, most relevant deals to customers in our online marketplace. With a series of dynamic “shelves” in our retail store, we get to decide what inventory to put before each customer. However, the first question we need to ask is: what’s the value of each “shelf?” And how does that value change when we merchandise different types of content? Leveraging our data in combination with data analytics tools, we’re able to arm product managers and merchandisers across the company with the power to maximize the value of site and application real estate.

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  1. How can harnessing data lead to better online merchandising?
  2. How can analytics help maximize the value of your website?
  3. How can better website merchandising lead to an increase in profit?


  • Meghna Suresh, Product Manager, Tableau


Kathryn Holtz, Customer Mktg Asst, Tableau

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