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SXSWedu 2016

STEM2STEAM: Using Digital Media 4 Science Learning

Today’s teens send snapchats instead of email, upload YouTube vlogs instead of keeping diaries, and use emoji’s instead of words. They communicate visually and collectively - and yet science is still predominately taught through textbook. And we wonder, ‘where are all the young people in STEM?’
At the New York Hall of Science, we're combining young people's passion for digital media and with professional video production training – to create the next generation of creative STEM advocates.
This first-of-its-kind program demonstrates how adding arts to STEM (to create ‘STEAM’), can inspire student learning across many kinds of STEM education institutes –from schools to libraries & museums.

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  1. How to successfully use video & social media production as education tools, particularly for educators with no background in video
  2. Ways to introduce formal video production programs to museums, libraries, and schools, within the existing curriculum and budget
  3. Case studies of successful digital content production programs in education organizations – and lessons learned.



Jayde Lovell, Mgr Explainer TV, New York Hall of Science

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