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SXSW Interactive 2016

Conducting Business in a Flex World

In today’s world, talent is everything. Yet great talent can be hard to find, let alone retain. What do you do when your team has significant life changes underfoot? When 25 % of your staff is having babies and another 20% are looking to move to new cities? It can be tough to find the right balance of flexibility, technology and communication training to make a remote work force successful and maintain a winning culture. How much should businesses flex so they keep talent – especially Millennials – without bending so much they break? This panel will feature CEOs who have implemented innovative flex programs that adapt to changing talent demands and still drive business.

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  1. How do you create a flexible work environment that retains top talent?
  2. How much work flexibility is enough/too much to retain top talent and keep your business moving forward?
  3. What technology should businesses invest in to provide a flexible work environment to employees?



Erin Donahue Tice, VP, Group Account Dir, DiGennaro Communications

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