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SXSWedu 2016

American Grit: A docudrama on student experiences

Weaving data with narrative from more than 300 interviews with youth, educators, and industry leaders, American Grit whips into a fever pitch a 100-year-old debate about the role of secondary schools in America and what — and whose — children need to succeed. Follow cousins Deja and Darnell from high school deep into post-industrial America as their experiences expose the fault lines in the rhetoric of college and career readiness “for all” that swallow too many students and shake the very foundation of American prosperity.

After, attendees will be invited into a conversation on how to use the narrative to spark discussions on college and career readiness in schools and communities.

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  1. Provide participants with insight into the experiences of students and the rift between the rhetoric of college and career readiness and reality.
  2. Expose participants to a unique form of advocacy through stories mixed with data, and invite conversation on critical issues.
  3. Leave with additional resources on issues related to educational equity and college and career readiness.



Brooke Haycock, Sr Playwright & Researcher, The Education Trust

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