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SXSWedu 2016

We Need to Talk: Building Inclusive Communities

How do you define inclusion? Come hear from panelists of varying backgrounds who look at social justice through a special needs lens. Participants will learn how these experts use “inclusion” to describe the act of intentionally creating and seeking diverse communities that welcome and support people with special needs to learn alongside their typically developing peers. Panelist will share their personal definitions, stories, best practices, and will invite others who may or may not share similar backgrounds to do the same. The conversation is not limited to special needs issues, as this practice of equal access, when authentically implemented, is impactful for all learners and communities.

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  1. Unpack the idea of inclusion, weigh the effects and outcomes, retrace the history, and honor diverse definitions existing for many groups of people.
  2. Explore how inclusion, access, and social justice connect, and discuss how inclusion can empower and lead to better outcomes for all students.
  3. Define inclusive practices from varying perspectives and share ideas for best practices when building inclusive communities for all learners.



Rachel Zindler, Co Founder/Educational Consultant, Teaching2gether

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