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The Meeting of Biomechanics & Shopping Experience

Stride Signature, the new shoe fitting and biomechanics philosophy established by Brooks Running Company, proves that each runner has their own unique way of running, which should be celebrated by footwear, not corrected. This science has widespread implications on how companies in the running and footwear industry approach product development and also for how consumers find and buy shoes. In this session, a Brooks footwear designer and a biomechanics engineer illustrate how these new understandings of the human body and the experiences runners crave collide, resulting in an entirely new shoe wall in retail stores and a new shopping experience for consumers driven by science and technology.

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  1. What is Stride Signature and what are its implications for someone going for a run and for someone selling shoes?
  2. How does Stride Signature revolutionize the current shoe shopping paradigm?
  3. How do consumers benefit from this while shopping and out on the run?



Danielle Pepperl, Sr PR Specialist, Brooks Running Company

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