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SXSWedu 2016

Online Resources & Data-Based Lesson Planning

There are a wealth of online resources available for instructors to build into their lessons. Selecting strategies and resources that correctly align to the rigor and content of your student objectives, historical student needs (identified using data), and that are proven by research can be a daunting task.

In this session you will learn the best sources for conscientious and reliable resources that fit the needs of your students. We will investigate strategies for using this method for both proactive and reactive student interventions.

Takeaway digital resources will be provided with instructions on how to pull the reports needed from most major educational data management systems.

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  1. Analyze data to proactively or reactively adjust lessons to better fit student needs using online resources.
  2. Recognize where to locate quality instructional resources and strategies online.
  3. Justify the value of instructional strategies or resources found online and align them directly to student needs.



Leti Sandoval, Media Specialist, Region 18 Education Service Center

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