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SXSWedu 2016

Lipstick on a Pig: PD that Brings Home the Bacon

We saw that eye roll. There’s no hope for professional development, right? It’s kind of like vegetarian bacon: nice try, but just not the same. Presenters are great at using pretty slideshows and hamming it up, but that’s just lipstick on a pig. Are we practicing what we preach? Help us cook up a new recipe to make professional learning an engaging, productive experience. Bring home the bacon to your schools and businesses and change the face of learning.

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  1. Stop eating from the slop trough of bad strategies!
  2. Join our collaborative cooking class to create a new PD recipe book using only fresh ingredients.
  3. Bring home the bacon to your organization and change PD for good.


  • Tracy Clark, Co-Founder, EdTechWomen Austin
  • Abbey Futrell, Digital Innovation Coach, The William and Ida Friday Institute for Educational Innovation
  • Greg Garner, Research Associate, North Carolina State University


Tracy Clark, Co-Founder, EdTechWomen Austin

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