SXSW Music 2016

How Major Labels Build Rockstar-Worthy Websites


Some record labels and management firms have spent up to $1 million to build their major star talents’ websites, complimentary apps, and mobile sites. But what are they really building? Are these sites just artist blogs? Do they allow fans to have a community and interact with each other? Or are they simply for trying to sell merchandise and concert tickets?

In this panel with the three major record labels, we will share the strategies to build a cohesive, accessible, mobile-friendly artist digital experience that draws music lovers to come back again and again, interact and engage with fellow fans, and actually buy merchandise and digital products.

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  1. How do major labels avoid the “3 site syndrome” and bring together merchandise/tickets, fan communities, and music/videos/ bios into one platform?
  2. What digital methods and strategies can content creators use to grow, engage, and monetize audiences?
  3. What are the best artist sites out there, and what does the future hold for artist digital experiences?



Chuck Fishman, Director of Media Entertainment and Publishing | Digital Marketing for George Clinton, Acquia

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