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SXSW Interactive 2016

Revolutionizing Juvenile Justice Reform in Florida

The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice was facing a renaissance in data-driven thinking brought about by a forward-looking management team. Florida has one of the largest Juvenile Justice databases in the county but to help fuel more programs around changes that were proven to work, the organization needed new tools: tools to enable staff, stakeholders and the public to view performance metrics for our key reform efforts. For internal stakeholders, the organization wanted to go even further, allowing users to drill down from state to county to individual zip codes, all while freeing up analysts to dig deeper into the data to better analyze trends and identify best practices and issues.

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  1. How can data help support an overhaul in the juvenile justice system?
  2. How can you empower staff to make data driven decisions?
  3. How can governmental organizations use data to identify trends and address current issues?



Kathryn Holtz, Customer Mktg Asst, Tableau

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