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Robotics: The New Lettered Sport

Textbooks and theory will always be in science and engineering education, but they shouldn’t be the only experience. If we want to inspire students in STEM and prepare them for future jobs, we have to provide hands-on experiences to keep them motivated. With the demand for impactful STEM programming in schools at an all-time high, states are starting to make robotics an official after-school program, similar to other popular programs. This panel of experts represents the tech industry, robotics and education. They will discuss the challenges and benefits of implementing competitive robotics programs state-wide and address how to keep the “robotics as a lettered sport” movement going strong.

Learning Objectives

  1. What are the short- and long-terms benefits of students participating in robotics programs?
  2. What barriers exist to implementing competitive robotics programs as official after-school programs? How can we overcome these challenges?
  3. What are some best practices for states to follow in order to officially adopt competitive robotics programs?



Risa Kleen , Sr Account Exec , Edelman

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