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Microsoft is now open source and x-platform, Why?


In this session, Mark Rosenberg, local Austin trainer and Richard Lander from the product team at Microsoft will talk about Microsoft opening up one of its key products. Microsoft has released .NET Core and ASP.NET 5 as open source and is working on cross-platform implementations for Linux and Mac. This positive new direction means that .NET is now available on key desktop and server operating systems. It also means that the community can port .NET to any other operating system it wants. We'll talk about what this means to the industry as a whole, and your business. You will see how you can use this new openness to your advantage today and in the future

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  1. What does Microsoft going cross-platform mean and how will it work
  2. What does Microsoft going open source mean and how will it work
  3. How can I use Microsoft's cross-platform and open source to my advantage



Mark Rosenberg, Technical Instructor, New Horizons

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