SXSW Interactive 2016

Sucked Into the Story: Virtual Reality and News


Enter the Singapore Airline A380 suite class cabin and you’ll see 3-foot wide seats that turn into beds with linens and pillows. Not alone? The middle seats become a double bed.

Thanks to virtual reality, you don’t have to pay $12,000 to sample the ultimate in luxury. And you could use the same technology to visit a Syrian battlefield or the Siberian tundra.

Each new publishing technology alters how we experience news, and VR promises the next revolution by immersing us deep in a story. Though ethical and tech challenges remain.

Join AP, POV, Vice and The Reynolds Journalism Institute for a conversation about what’s worked, what hasn't and what’s next for the newest news medium.

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  1. What technologies are we using to create content in VR?
  2. What are the ethical boundaries of creating content in VR?
  3. Will VR be a sustainable and scalable form of storytelling?



Eric Carvin, Social Media Editor, Associated Press

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