SXSW Film 2016

The Democratization of Filmmaking

Today, video cameras are on nearly every phone and editing tools are readily available so even a beginner can join the filmmaking ranks. If almost anyone can make a movie and add special effects, what does it mean for the future of filmmaking?

Movie making is being democratized, inviting creativity and editing capabilities to anyone. As amateurs make movies from scratch and create communities on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine, we are seeing a new kind of cultural interchange. It has never been so easy for us all to create and post our ideas. The relationship between movies and audiences is changing. Instead of passive viewers, we are becoming co-creators.

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  1. Who is finding success in filmmaking today, what kind of content are they creating to be memorable and relevant, and what challenges do they face?
  2. What tools are they using for creation, editing and special effects?
  3. How do these filmmakers leverage YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine to post their work and create communities?


  • Dave Werner, Senior Experience Designer, Adobe
  • Megan Brooks, Digital Designer / Animator / Film & Video Editor, Megan Brooks
  • Ryan Todd, Producer | Director | Cinematographer, SMOSH


Katy Boos, VP, Big Sky

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