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SXSW Interactive 2016

The New Creative Breed: Full of Ideas--and Data

The volume of data & insights available for social media is changing how agencies and platforms strategize, spend, and steer clients. An analytics-driven world means an elemental shift in how creatives work. Designers, writers, photographers and video producers need to think about execution and ideas informed by data on how to better speak to our audiences.
Shifting to a data-driven strategy requires creatives to kill subjectivity and requires new ways of working, bringing creative, strategy, account and paid media teams closer than ever. We’ll cover how creative and strategy should collaborate--and work with platform partners--to make content that wins on results, as well as look and feel.

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  1. How can creative continue to sharpen its work with increasingly precise data?
  2. What comes first, big campaign ideas or testing multiple creative pillars to identify the big idea?
  3. How do we foster close working relationships between creatives and strategists?


  • Jeff Nicholson, SVP, Paid Media, VaynerMedia
  • Tina Cervera , SVP, Executive Creative Director, VaynerMedia
  • Addie Conner, Startup entrepreneur and consultant , Consultant
  • Kevin Knight, Head of Agency and Brand Strategy at Pinterest, Pinterest


Jeff Nicholson, SVP Paid Media, VaynerMedia

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