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SXSW Interactive 2016

A Cognitive Comparison of Dance & UX

As a competitive dancer in college I crafted, taught, and practiced team-based routines to perform for audiences and judges. Offstage I pursued a career in UX design, yet my interviews were not as smooth. Dance and UX felt like separate worlds until one interview when I was asked about my process as a dance captain. I started drawing group formations on a whiteboard, and realized I was wireframing!
The principles behind creating a performance and product are similar; dance involves all the stages of interface design. This talk will illuminate the cognitive and psychological principles that make this true, and provide deeper insight into why UX principles can be relevant even outside of UX.

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  1. What is the scientific basis for important principles in dance and UX design?
  2. How does pursuing an extracurricular interest impart knowledge about UX design?
  3. How does investing in your passions help advance your career or give it a solid head start?



Kiran Lokhande, Experience Designer, R/GA

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