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Fixing the Patient Behavior Change Gap

Momentum in digital healthcare tech is at an all time high. New innovations are promising improved outcomes, better patient experiences, and more reliable data. Simultaneously, healthcare consumers are tipping the scale towards patient-centric care, after decades of having little or no agency over their healthcare.

These changes are positive for healthcare as a whole, but in spite of them, patient engagement and adherence rates remain low. This panel explores why behavior change is so difficult, even when it’s in our best interest, and how new technologies and smarter design can help us solve the largest problem in healthcare tech -- behavior modification and engagement.

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  1. Why is behavior change so difficult?
  2. How can data, technology, and design help to solve a very human problem?
  3. What tools and methodologies are showing promise of increasing engagement and adherence, and changing behaviors?



Brittany Solano, PR Rep, Jones-Dilworth Inc

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