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SXSWedu 2016

Professional Development Online, Done Well!

Learn how to use a learning management system (LMS) to create easily digestible professional development (PD) pieces to address immediate needs. These highly accessible PD sessions can be completed during conference periods or breaks.

Begin to engage the balance of communities around PD content areas that foster collaboration and PD requests.

Review conscientious research around the utilization of an LMS with adult learners in compulsory and non-compulsory learning environments.

Leverage marketing strategies in the delivery of learning objectives in a way that will critically connect with adult learners.

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  1. Utilize the latest conscientious research to create effective professional development for educators within an LMS.
  2. Foster evangelist communities around PD topics.
  3. Appropriate a marketing mentality to ensure educators are implementing PD concepts within their classroom.



Nicole Dragisic, eLearning Specialist, Region 18 Education Service Center

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