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SXSW Interactive 2016

Moving your Money in the Cloud

Find out how a digital payment company moved their financial information into the cloud and used data to better understand the business of moving money. Dwolla is a payments company that allows anyone - or anything! - connected to the internet move money quickly, safely and at the lowest possible cost. This session will be a deep dive into how Dwolla manages events and data of all shapes and sizes in the cloud. They will be debuting their open source data pipeline orchestration tool, Arbalest. They will also show how, in less than 6 months of using their suite of data visualization tools, Dwolla was able to deliver unprecedented insights and analysis across the company.

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  1. How can cloud analytics drive organizational insights?
  2. How can you move money safely in the cloud?
  3. How can you create a data pipeline?


  • Fredrick Galoso, Software Developer, Dwolla


Kathryn Holtz, Customer Mktg Asst, Tableau

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