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SXSWedu 2016

What the Pell? New Data on Pell Grad Rates

For the first time ever, data on the college completion outcomes for students who receive a Pell Grant have been compiled for roughly 1,200 institutions across the United States.

This groundbreaking report presents hard-edge data on why improving college outcomes for low-income students is critically important for our nation’s health and economic mobility.

Researchers from The Education Trust will present the data, including case studies of specific institutions, and recommend policy changes that can help improve outcomes for low-income students.

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  1. Understanding of the new data, its utility and limitations
  2. Meaningful discussion of the state of higher education outcomes for low-income students
  3. Policy recommendations to improve collection and access of Pell Grant student outcomes to better inform future policy debates



Andrew Nichols, Dir of Higher Education Research & Data Analytics, The Education Trust

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