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SXSWedu 2016

Embracing Disruption to Reinvent the Classroom

Today’s learners want engaging, personalized content. No longer can educators focus on one element of learning; instead they must provide exploratory opportunities across multiple areas and this reveals critical needs inside schools. With all of the pressures facing educators, how can they address the individual learner in every student? Join us as we take a firsthand look at how three schools in Texas, California, and South Carolina are embracing disruption to drive individual student learning and achievement.

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  1. Gain an insider’s perspective on the evolving “edtech” landscape.
  2. Learn how industry leaders are working together to develop meaningful content solutions that help educators maximize potential technology.
  3. Be exposed to a number of new tools and resources educators can use in the classroom to help drive student achievement.


  • Amanda Kruysman , 8th Grade English Teacher, Gold Mill Middle School
  • Paul Eyler, Science teacher and District Science Facilitator , Tyler ISD
  • Alice Chen, English Teacher, Suzanne Middle School
  • Alicia Levi, Vice President, Education, PBS


Atiya Frederick, Pub Dir, PBS

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