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SXSW Interactive 2016

The Adult Trolls of Today Were Kids Once, Too

Children’s virtual worlds and online communities are often the first digital social experiences people have. Children are participating at an age when they are also learning social norms at home, school, and on the playground. A lot of effort is put into making these spaces safe for kids, but what happens when they are intentionally designed as formative, prosocial experiences for children? How do these experiences impact social learning?

A conversation between Izzy Neis, Metaverse Mod Squad, and Scott Cummings, PBS KIDS Digital, will explore social tools, share stories from the frontline, and discuss what formative social experiences mean in the larger context of our digital society.

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  1. How do youth online behaviors reflect the notorious behaviors of digital adults, and how might that define future generation standards of activity?
  2. We see a lot of industry communication and effort to make spaces safe for youth, but does that actually impact social learning and play?
  3. How do you design and operate cooperative social games for youth, while building the underlying dynamics for appropriate and fun social experiences?



Chloe Gould, Sr Assoc, PBS KIDS Digital

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