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SXSW Interactive 2016

Family Feud: Funding Edition

Growing up in rural West Virginia, brothers Chris and Rob Taylor were always competing with each other and now they’re competing again. This time it’s how to fund their businesses. Chris bootstrapped his analytics SaaS startup Square Root to profitability every year since it launched in 2006. Rob has been at the operations helm for VC backed companies like BlackLocus and Pivot Freight where he's had extraordinary exits prior to company profitability. The Austin-based Taylor brothers will debate funding benefits and pitfalls, how their funding decisions impacted company operations and growth, why Chris believes Rob is better looking and more well-known, and why mom likes the other one more.

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  1. How they made the leap from idea to startup to market success and why their funding option played into their success?
  2. How two different funding approaches have fueled success for the brothers and which one reigns supreme?
  3. What it takes to fund a startup and what type of funding is most suitable to your idea and industry?



Megan Allsup, PR Representative, Kickstand Communications

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