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SXSW Interactive 2016

Maximizing Human Performance - Diversity in Tech

Did you know that Blacks and Latinos comprise just 3-4% of US-based tech workers among reporting Silicon Valley companies? Or that only 21% of organizational leaders in tech are women? Quite simply, these companies are holding themselves back from maximum corporate performance. While this problem is not new, Deloitte Digital has identified an unusual solution and approach to the problem. By combining community and influencer identification and engagement, culture and brand building, with Deloitte's mastery of organizational management, we've come up with an arsenal of tactics that virtually any company can adopt to boost their bottom line.

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  1. How does diversity improve the bottom line?
  2. What does diversity mean to a mostly white male company?
  3. How do digital marketing tactics come together with diversity and inclusion initiatives for real change, inside and out?


  • Christie Smith, Managing Principal, Leadership Center for Inclusion, Deloitte Digital


Jessica Kleeman , Intern, Allison+Partners

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