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The Call of the Culture: Chimpy Lessons Learned

Startup culture is often thought of as free lunches, weekly happy hours, and a video game room, but what really breeds success for a young organization? Creating a company culture and maintaining it in a rapidly changing lean organization can be challenging. At Infochimps, even though our company as a whole is often shifting priorities and growing to accomplish new goals, we have learned how to support our individuals and our team to retain our culture.

In this core conversation, we want to bring together folks at all levels in startups to figure out the secret sauce to awesome company culture.

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  1. In an ideal world, what does your company look like?
  2. How do you encourage your team to take ownership of your company?
  3. How do you hire new team members who fit?
  4. How do you support your team and each individual who makes up your team?
  5. Handling transitions: employees who leave, changing directions (lean cycles), growth, and diversity.



Hollyann Wood, Office Manager, Infochimps, Inc.

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