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SXSW Interactive 2016

Take No Sh*t: Thrive as an XX in an XY World

While commended for its forward thinking, Silicon Valley is dangerously dated in its views on gender equality. And, despite efforts by several companies to change internal views, the Valley’s long-standing identity as a “brogrammer’s haven” symbolizes a community too far ingrained in its existing culture to enact quick change. But a city like Austin, with its growing tech scene & abundance of female executives, is ripe to solve the gender disparity issue & serve as an industry example. Let’s explore how companies (particularly those in male-dominated industries) can inspire change at a company level, & how growing cities like Austin can scale initiatives to the national & industry-wide level

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  1. What is preventing the existing technology community from embracing an environment where women and men are equal?
  2. In what ways is Austin the most appropriate city to spearhead such a massive undertaking, and what characteristics set the city up for success?
  3. How can we scale the efforts proposed in Austin to function on a national, global, or industry-wide level & with more established tech communities?



Brent Robinson, Social Media Strategist, Bazaarvoice

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