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SXSW Interactive 2016

Hey FB… I’ve got Cancer: Social Data & Outcomes

Diagnosis and treatment of a serious illness is a highly personal journey. So here is the question: Does disclosing a serious illness on social media and documenting the journey have any impact on health outcomes? How do patient behaviors and language on social media (and level of engagement of their social network) impact recovery? Do these interactions ultimately translate to in-person care and support?
The speakers will walk through the results of fascinating case studies using data on how people express themselves across social media platforms. Panelists will delve into the correlation between sharing the journey of serious illness online and long-term resiliency and recovery.

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  1. Can we predict patient resiliency and recovery from serious illness from her social media stream data, including data from friends and family?
  2. How does disclosing a serious illness on social media and documenting the journey impact health outcomes? 
  3. Do patient behaviors and language on social media impact recovery? And do these interactions ultimately translate to in-person care and support?


  • Audrey Warren, Director of Product , Rallyhood
  • Logan Lawler, Social Media Development Manager, Dell


Liz Bullock, VP of Social Strategy, Rallyhood

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