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Managing Millennials in Digital Media


Millennials are reshaping the digital media workplace as we know it. As digital natives, millennials enter traditional media companies with enthusiastic ideas, guided by their experiences with new apps, platforms, social media, and more.

This puts pressure on managers to translate the millennial passion for social and digital media into real, professional content production that meets network, broadcast, and newsroom standards. Many managers are left asking, how do I harness that enthusiasm to help millennials, and my company, be successful?

Vote for this lively session and learn our top strategies for developing this highly educated, motivated, and at times challenging talent pool.

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  1. Millennials bring great ideas. How do you put things into perspective and teach them to consider implementation issues without stifling creativity?
  2. Millennials see themselves as today's new technology experts. How do you train them on media production systems beyond the consumer market?
  3. Millennials want to ascend the career ladder. How do you manage their thirst to “tick the box” and move up versus help grow the company?



Molly Sloan, Mktg Comms Mgr, Acquia

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