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SXSWedu 2016

Cultivating Teacher Readiness in Next Gen Learning

What is thwarting the successful adoption and scaling of digital learning? Discover why MIT’s Office of Digital Learning and the Woodrow Wilson Foundation’s Academy of Teaching and Learning have joined forces to reimagine and cultivate teacher readiness to advance STEM and support next gen learning. Educators need and deserve new approaches to continuous development and renewal, performance assessment and retention. It’s important to understand why the key to transformation in a rapidly evolving digital learning landscape is teacher engagement and teacher readiness.

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  1. The ways in which innovations in adaptive learning are being applied and used to improve teacher preparation and professional development.
  2. How the transformation of learning opportunities and outcomes through innovative learning technologies impacts the K-20 spectrum.
  3. The reasons why teacher engagement and teacher readiness is the key to success in the evolving digital learning landscape.



Shevaun Brown, Public Rel, Creation

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