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SXSW Interactive 2016

Online Privacy and the Price of Free

We’re familiar with the adage “if it’s free, you are the product,” but what happens when this concept is applied to online privacy?
As privacy concerns become more mainstream, companies have entered the space offering free products to concerned Internet users. With slick marketing messages and promises of anonymity, a common assumption is these companies “practice what they preach” and do not access user data.
What people don’t realize is these companies have access to lots of data, so users have a very personal relationship with their provider.
This panel will look at the widening gap between expectation and reality in the online privacy space and what's behind the marketing messages.

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  1. How can I protect myself and my data online - from snoops or government surveillance?
  2. What access do privacy companies (including free VPN providers) have to my data? What do they do with it?
  3. What does the recent news about privacy companies abusing customer data mean for the future of free privacy products?



Golden Frog, Mktg, Golden Frog

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