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SXSW Interactive 2016

Beyond the Selfie: How Instagram Inspires Business

Social media is often classified as a way for millennials to master the art of the selfie or share artistic photos of their breakfast sandwich. However, as social media becomes more ingrained in our culture, the desire for real-time sharing and collaboration is desired both in our personal and professional lives. From millennials to baby boomers, the modern workforce is turning to social media for inspiration in crafting their business and looking for tools that echo the key characteristics of social outlets like Twitter, Pinterest and beyond. In this session, Repsly CEO Marko Kovac will talk about the evolution of business and how social media is shaping the way we work.

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  1. How has social media changed our expectations when it comes to doing business?
  2. What business tools have started to emerge from this shift and what features will likely be needed in the coming years?
  3. How can businesses adapt and evolve to better enable employees for success?


  • Marko Kovac, CEO and co-founder, Repsly


Emily Featherston, Asst Account Exec, Version 2.0 Communications

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