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SXSWedu 2016

Manufacturing a way out of the Gender Gap in STEM

Ubiquitous access to tools will create a diverse of pool of STEAM professionals. By giving students opportunities to explore technology in environments where they feel comfortable, a more balanced group will develop mastery. We already see a blended community growing around desktop manufacturing tools, specifically desktop milling machines, which are portable versions of high-precision manufacturing tools. Students go from design to engineering to manufacturing and back, using math, art, engineering, design, and electronics skills. The future of brilliant design in areas as impactful as medical devices and the Internet of Things hinges upon this powerful interdisciplinary technical literacy.

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  1. Professional tools need to be everywhere so that a more diverse cross-section of people have access to them and can learn where they feel comfortable.
  2. Solving the problems of the future requires raising a generation of people who can dance between many disciplines: math, engineering, art, design, etc
  3. 3D printing is only one part of the puzzle. Learning to use manufacturing tools allows students to understand how solutions might get made at scale.



Danielle Applestone, CEO, Other Machine Co

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