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SXSW Interactive 2016

Storytelling in Virtual Reality

The tools for inexpensively producing real-world, immersive 3D and virtual reality experiences are finally available. As such, VR has expanded as a new content format, fueling a discussion about the use of VR in storytelling. From entertainment to journalism to hospitality, VR is changing the way we experience real and imagined spaces.
This panel will discuss why telling stories in VR is different, and the technical and creative challenges behind creating truly immersive characters and environments. They will address current solutions for industries like gaming and film, and speculate on the possibilities presented by the rapidly growing metaverse.

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  1. How is telling stories in VR different from - and more challenging than - traditional interactive media?
  2. How can we source 3D content and models for VR experiences (and make them look awesome on a budget)?
  3. What solutions exist today for using 3D content to tell stories in major VR sectors like games and film?


  • Matt Bell, CSO, Matterport
  • Stefano Corazza, Lead scientist at Adobe and VR artist, CEO and founder of Mixamo (acquired by Adobe), Adobe
  • Neville Spiteri, CoFounder/CEO, WEVR


Janet Tambasco, Digital Mktg Specialist, Matterport

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