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SXSW Interactive 2016

Unlock the Max Potential of Your Superstars

Scale your people management, cultivate an engaged workforce, and attract more top talent to your company. These are on the to-do list of every fast-growing company in the country, but getting practical advice from other successful businesses—and not just fluffy workplace theory—is hard to find.

Nate McMahon, SVP of People & Technology at The Motley Fool, a DC-area fintech company, will show the principles at play behind its award-winning culture including how to: 1) Focus on the analytics that matter, 2) Scale your employee coaching program effectively, and 3) Unleash your people to achieve their highest potential—all while keeping them engaged and fulfilled on the job.

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  1. What analytics should I focus on when evaluating my talent?
  2. How can I create a coaching program that scales effectively as the company grows exponentially?
  3. How do I identify my top talent and keep them fulfilled and engaged?



Alison Southwick, PR, The Motley Fool

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