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SXSW Interactive 2016

Augmented Reality: From the Lab Into Your Hands

Augmented reality (AR) continues to be a popular area of digital technology research. Users are excited about the potential of AR to make their jobs easier, but so far, we’ve seen few results.

What are these obstacles for production-ready AR? New options for using wearable technology and improved optics on smartphones and tablets are emerging every day. The human aspects of interacting with your environment need to be recognized and designed for.

Join us to learn how these challenges have been met. These entities are building AR solutions that are useful, usable, and perhaps a little more substantial than an animated advertisement in a magazine.

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  1. What are the real obstacles in technology implementation to make augmented reality truly useful?
  2. What human computer interaction challenges prevent AR's adoption?
  3. How can I start to leverage AR in actual projects and not just experiments?



Adam Bockler, Communications Mgr, Float

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