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SXSWedu 2016

Crowdfinance: Financing your Startup Organization

In this interactive workshop, learn practical strategies for using crowdfunding to finance your startup organization. We’ll review examples of organizations that have successfully implemented campaigns as well as brainstorm ways for participants to use crowdfunding as a financing resource. This workshop will benefit small businesses selling products and/or services, as well as non-profits, government agencies, and institutes of higher learning who run centers for entrepreneurship.

Instructor: Manolis Sfinarolakis, Founder & CEO, Reality Crowd TV Media Corporation

Instructor: AdaPia d'Errico, CMO of Patch of Land

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  1. Overview of crowdfinance: Attendees should leave with a firm understanding of crowdfinance and its many applications in entrepreneurship & education.
  2. 9 stages of crowdfinance: A step by step process where attendees learn how to run funding projects or create course curriculums for their organization
  3. Case studies & audience participation: Audience will learn how to apply the step by step funding process through case studies & live Q&A segment.



Manolis Sfinarolakis, Community Mgr, Reality Crowd TV

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