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SXSW Interactive 2016

How to Drive Irrational Decisions

Loyalty doesn’t make sense. It can be a struggle for us just to remain loyal to our spouses and families, so what makes us think we’ll be loyal to a company? Current loyalty programs are mostly rational—you get airline miles or hotel points—these programs are driven by the illusion that decisions are made rationally, not emotionally. In this talk, we'll uncover the drivers of emotional loyalty, providing some examples of programs that use incentive sets that go beyond points. We'll also discuss how a program can use unexpected rewards to drive the greatest emotional connection—and loyalty to your brand.

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  1. What are the emotional drivers of loyalty, and how can a successful program harness them?
  2. How can social data be connected to the customer to drive the successful use of unpublished rewards?
  3. What are some successful strategies to implementing and scaling rewards tactics?



Marcus De Paula, Sr Consultant, Deloitte

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