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SXSW Interactive 2016

Creative Throwdown: VR vs TV

As virtual reality begins to proliferate, traditional creative channels like TV and even digital video may be forced to fight for advertising dollars.

With millennials already demonstrating indifference to some forms of traditional media, the creation of VR show worlds present endless possibilities to create unique and customized consumer experiences beyond the traditional channels.

This panel will combine some of the industry’s foremost thought leaders – including creatives and technologists – to discuss how virtual reality is poised to become the foremost creative channel.

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  1. What creative possibilities does virtual reality present and how does this differ from the dominant creative channels that advertisers favor today?
  2. Will marketers need to balance VR, TV and digital video creative in the future or is VR poised to replace one or both of these channels?
  3. How can brands use the endless possibilities of creative VR show worlds to unlock new revenue streams?



Alison Crisci, Account Dir, DKC Public Relations

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