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SXSW Interactive 2016

The Internet of Things and You

What do a jet engine and a pacemaker have in common? Data. They’re generating lots of it, along with millions of other connected devices being used right now. The Internet of Things is a powerful, interactive ecosystem that is generating unprecedented amounts of data.

But there is a myth that you have to be an analyst or an expert to dive into this data. In fact, device analytics is for everyone. How can the everyman benefit from this data? How can we analyze this information to learn more about ourselves? How can it improve our world?

In this session, we’ll cover tips, tricks, and best practices to visualize and understand device data and put it to meaningful use.

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  3. What can the "internet of things" do for me?


  • Vaidy Krishnan, Product Mktg Manager, tableau


Daniel Gabis, Dir, Product Mktg, Tableau

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