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SXSW Interactive 2016

How the Sharing Economy will Reshape the Internet

The sharing economy has transformed outdated industries that were ripe for disruption.

Now, the Internet as we know it is rapidly approaching its own point of disruption. The consumer data that advertisers and publishers both rely on to monetize the Internet’s free services will soon be treated less like a secret formula, and more like a valuable commodity that can be shared for mutual benefit. The result? An improved experience for consumers, better insights for brands, and the evolution of the Internet as we interact with it today.

The data-sharing economy is coming – Signal and a major brand will explain how, and the implications for consumers, privacy, and the Internet of Things.

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  1. How does consumer data power the Internet, as it currently exists? What about the current system doesn't work?
  2. How are brands and marketers working to enable the creation of data exchanges, which would allow for mutually beneficial swaps of consumer data?
  3. What are the implications of and increase in the Internet's dependence on consumer data, especially in the context of frequent security breaches?



Courtney Cox, Account Coord, SHIFT Communications

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