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SXSWedu 2016

How moving from STEM to STEAM will save the world.

We believe our girls will change the world and they believe it, too. We’ll share why a leading school in STEM education is purposefully adding the Arts into our school-wide curriculum. As an all-girls public school we recognize the need for women in STEM fields and will share how by combining the Arts with problem solving we’re developing young women leaders who have the needed mindsets to change their world.

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  1. Explore why integrating the Arts into STEM is imperative to producing ethically minded scientist and engineers.
  2. Share example projects that allow students to develop the mindset of an innovator by combining the Arts with the more analytical aspects of STEM.
  3. Examine how combining the Arts with STEM will allow students to understand not just the "how" but also to question the "why" behind their decisions.



Kristina Waugh, Dir, Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders

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  • Tags: steam, stem, pbl,
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Playground Talk
  • Track: Instructional Strategies
  • Level: Basic Understanding
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