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News by numbers: Analytics transform a newsroom


When it comes to customer usage data, The Associated Press — a news service whose content is mostly consumed on platforms controlled by others — has historically known very little.

In 2015, the AP partnered with analytics company NewsWhip to tackle this vexing problem. Now, the numbers are rolling in.

How can this flood of data transform a newsroom? And what are the perils of suddenly having all this information?

Join veteran AP journalist Jaime Holguin and NewsWhip founder Paul Quigley for a wide-ranging conversation about the challenge of building an analytics solution for wholesale news, and the lessons they’re learning about how all that data should and shouldn’t be used.

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  1. How can metrics help us make smarter decisions about how we cover the news?
  2. What can you do to transform a newsroom through having better access to analytics?
  3. What lessons have been learned about how not to use metrics in a newsroom?



Eric Carvin, Social Media Editor, Associated Press

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