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SXSW Interactive 2016

Everything About Your Home is About to Change

The way consumers approach and interact with their homes is set to be completely redefined by augmented reality, and it’s going to happen faster than you think. AR’s impact in the context of consumer’s homes will be broad, playing a role in everything from initial purchase and renovations to watching TV. This panel will guide attendees on an imaginative tour of tomorrow’s home while also examining how the technology is being deployed today.

Starting from the curb we’ll explore the ways spatially aware augmented reality devices will transform renovation and new construction industries, allowing consumers to visualize in true scale what could previously only be seen on paper.

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  1. How will augmented reality change the way consumers design and use their homes on a daily basis?
  2. What are the economic and emotional benefits of this technological shift?
  3. How is augmented reality currently being used within the context of the home today?



Jeremy Wright, Chief Mktg Officer, Sulon Technologies

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