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SXSW Interactive 2016

Here's How You Sell Bras and Change the World

Is female empowerment a trendy topic that advertisers are using to get noticed or are we on the verge of a marketing revolution? This conversation looks at brands using female empowerment as a marquee element of their communications, nonprofits looking for ways to scale their message to wider audiences, and digital marketing executives helping them tell their stories. We will explore the authenticity of advocacy from brands and highlight the thought leadership being done in the space. This discussion will bring attention to the art of storytelling in content marketing, the huge opportunity for cause marketing, and the impact it makes on today’s impressionable millennial audience.

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  1. How can brands trigger authentic advocacy on their behalf?
  2. How can publishers create a native platform for cause marketing?
  3. What kind of impact is cause marketing really making for brands and nonprofit agencies when speaking to millennial consumers?



Ali Abelson, Brand Experiences Assoc, Refinery29

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