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SXSW Interactive 2016

Wooing Millennials to Vote Through Digital

As we near the 2016 election, youth voter engagement is at the forefront of the conversation- especially among the untapped digital millennial generation. According to the Harvard Institute of Politics, in 2010 only 24% of millennials voted. Over the years, tried and targeted efforts like “Rock The Vote,” have lost momentum. Studies show that while millennials are the most connected digitally, no one has figured out the secret of turning engagement into actual votes. This panel examines how to leverage social platforms and create relevant content that activates the voice of today’s most educated, diverse and digitally fluent generation.

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  1. How can politicians and/or policymakers best leverage these platforms to engage with millennials and drive voter turnout?
  2. How can technology platforms remain bipartisan as they take on the voice of the millennial generation?
  3. How will both brands and individual influencers begin to leverage the election and support their own social cause?



Roz Silva, Account Mgr, Allison+Partners

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