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Open-Source Empathy: Humans as Dynamic Systems

Human beings are advanced dynamic systems. Each of us interfaces with our emotions differently. Consequently, we interface with each other in desirable and undesirable ways through various access points. My process throughout the development of the case studies shared in this panel, the interaction of others with the projects, and the results of my facilitations reveal patterns in the resistance to interpersonal connection. By considering the parallels between the uncertainty of human connection and the way that dynamic media systems work, I’d like to share my findings on what it means to be human. Toby Bottorf of design and innovation firm, Continuum, proposes that, “one way to aim for more surprising work is to include more disciplines as influences and sources of inspiration.” This panel offers that by using the psychoanalytic technique to objectify one’s subjective experience, designers can better understand themselves, their users, their medium and the ways in which they connect.

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Daniel Buckley, Design Researcher, Massachusetts College of Art and Design

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