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All the News That's Fit for Your Facebook Feed

The media landscape has changed dramatically since the last presidential election in 2012. YouTube stars now top the list of influencers among teenagers according to Variety and the Pew Research Center found that over 61% of millennials get their news from Facebook. Digital media properties such as Buzzfeed, Vox, Vice, and The Young Turks have become part of the daily routine for many consumers of news.

Yet traditional media still possess tremendous power and influence with access to candidates, dominance of the political ad spend, and control of election narratives.

What are the different roles, responsibilities, and impact of traditional and digital media on the 2016 Election?

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  1. How can the various players in the news ecosystem work together?
  2. What is the role of each different type of media?
  3. Will the different roles & responsibilities of each vertical be static? Or change over time?


  • Cenk Uygur, Founder, CEO and Host, The Young Turks
  • Jeanmarie Condon, Senior Executive Producer, Content & Development, ABC News
  • S. Mitra Kalita, Managing Editor for Editorial Strategy, Los Angeles Times


Peter Axtman, PR Rep, Sunshine Sachs

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