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SXSW Interactive 2016

Why Dior Needs Elon Musk

Fashion thrives on creativity and artistry. But the world is changing and so are consumers. The notoriously “artistic” approach to running fashion and other artsy companies must change. Apple hired Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts to inject a bit of panache into an already smooth-design tech giant. Fashion houses would be smart to beef up their executive ranks with a tech powerhouse. BBC Capital’s Chelsea Emery explains why it’s the next big thing in survival for fashion.

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  1. What is the next big thing for fashion companies? (Hint: think C-suite, not fashion suite)
  2. Where should fashion companies look when seeking to build thriving companies in a notoriously fickle industry?
  3. When will this tactic work, and when is it less effective?


  • Chelsea Emery, Deputy Editor, BBC.com Capital, BBC.com


Nabeela Ahmad, Comms Coord, BBC Worldwide

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