SXSW Interactive 2016

Campaigns Are the Drug Killing Digital Marketing

Ready to sober up and face the new reality of digital marketing? The self-serving campaign model is dead, and yet digital marketers continue to spend millions of dollars, time and resources to create one-off “engagement” campaigns that don’t resonate with consumers. Campaigns are a point-in-time, and today’s consumers want an ongoing experience with a brand, not a one-time payoff. It’s time for a 360 degree review of the digital marketing landscape. It’s time for brands to take a more sustained and holistic approach to engagement. In this session, we will discuss customers’ extreme expectations and why now, more than ever, is the time to embrace your Total Community.

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  1. What exactly is the new "digital marketing" game and why companies must disrupt or be disrupted?
  2. Why we need to cancel the campaign approach and adopt a long-term, continuum digital marketing strategy?
  3. What is a “total community” strategy and how can you activate it?


  • Katy Keim, Chief Marketing Officer, Lithium


Francisca Fanucchi, PR Mgr, Lithium Technologies Inc

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